August 2020 Illustrated Desktop Wallpaper

Welcome to August, friends. We've made it this far,
and that's quite an accomplishment.

I really wanted to focus this month's illustration on intentions. What are you seeking this month? Rest from the uncertainty of the world and the future? Peace for ourselves when everything seems so divided? Recognition of the real issues we're fighting to resolve? Or perhaps you're seeking Positivity as a way to move forward through this time. Maybe it's Resources to grow your passions so you can contribute to this world in a meaningful way. Maybe it's simply a moment to catch your breath. Whatever you're seeking this month, I hope that you read these words and take comfort in them... that the more we spend our energy on creating the new, the more quickly we'll see those changes in our lives. Take a moment today to say them out loud, and put them out into the Universe. She hears you :)

To receive the August Desktop Wallpaper, please click on the Graphic below.
August 2020 Illustrated Desktop Wallpaper by Paper Raven Co. | #dressyourtech #desktopwallpaper #desktopdownload

I'd love to hear what your thoughts are and what you're seeking this month. Take a snap of your space with your new wallpaper, and let me know over on Instagram

Thank you all so much again.
Stay strong, stay healthy and keep caring about each other.

August 2020 Illustrated Desktop Wallpaper by Paper Raven Co. | #dressyourtech #desktopwallpaper #desktopdownload
Happy August! It's my birthday month! *confetti*

Happy August! It's my birthday month! *confetti*

Hey, Happy August 1st! I'm particularly excited about this month because it's my birthday month yasssss! For this month's Desktop Wallpaper, I drew inspiration from all of the wonderfully overgrown plants on my balcony. It's been one of those great summers where it thunderstorms every afternoon (my favorite, not my dog's), perpetually smells like rain, and the plants have just been exploding. It's awesome. I sketched this in our sunroom with the door open and the smell of basil flooding in, while my sweet Patty was sunbathing in her corner of the balcony - it's a peaceful memory,  I hope that comes through in the final illustration. Click the image below to download it!

Paper Raven Co. August Illustrated Desktop Wallpaper

Paper Raven Co. August Desktop Illustrated Wallpaper

I would love to see your desktop or studio space if you use the wallpaper, so feel free to snap a photo and tag me on Instagram so I can see and give you high-fives. Bonus points if you hoard plants like I do. I really need to make a "Plant Lady is the New Cat Lady" Art Print, yea?

Thank you guys so much!
xoxo, Erin


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