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Happy August! It's my birthday month! *confetti*

Hey, Happy August 1st! I'm particularly excited about this month because it's my birthday month yasssss! For this month's Desktop Wallpaper, I drew inspiration from all of the wonderfully overgrown plants on my balcony. It's been one of those great summers where it thunderstorms every afternoon (my favorite, not my dog's), perpetually smells like rain, and the plants have just been exploding. It's awesome. I sketched this in our sunroom with the door open and the smell of basil flooding in, while my sweet Patty was sunbathing in her corner of the balcony - it's a peaceful memory,  I hope that comes through in the final illustration. Click the image below to download it!I would love to see your desktop or studio...

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It's June, Y'all.

I will be the very first person to admit this - Uhhh, it's June?! How did that happen?!This year has been moving so fast. I can't believe we're already in the summer months, when my brain was 100% sure it was February, like, yesterday. Time flies when you're having fun, right? I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day and ended May strong and happy :) As for Paper Raven Co., we are about to go through a pretty big transition, which will be a huge opportunity for growth! I will be doing a few shows this Summer (including ICE in Atlanta this weekend), and will be traveling a bit as well. I hope you've got some exciting plans to...

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