Happy November!

Happy November! I hope everyone had a great Halloween and did something fun and/or spooky. For this month's Illustrated Desktop Wallpaper, I really wanted a constant reminder of gratitude. The holidays are on their way, and being busy with a to-do list sometimes makes us forget to stop, take a breath, and be thankful. So, if I can be honest, I did this wallpaper really for me. For me to remember, when I turn my computer on to start the work day, to be extra grateful for the customers, and clients, and interactions I have that make my business successful. And that starts with you! I hope this month brings you peacefulness, clarity, and renewed relationships with those you love.

Paper Raven Co. November Illustrated Desktop Wallpaper

Click on the graphic above to download the free wallpaper. And be sure to check out the work in progress shot below, and share your space with me on Instagram! Cheers & Enjoy!

November Illustrated Desktop Wallpaper

Paper Raven Co. November Illustrated Desktop Wallpaper



  • Erin McManness

    Hi Maddie! The download asks for your email so it can deliver the file – it will not reach 100% without inputting the email address and clicking on send. Once you have entered your email, it will be delivered right to your inbox! :) Thanks so much!

  • Maddie

    Hi, I could not get this month’s or last month’s wallpapers – it is stuck at 50% :( I cleared my cache to no avail. Just thought I’d let you know in case other people have the same problem.

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