November 2018 Desktop Wallpaper

Happy November! This month, I will be gearing up for the holidays, launching our 2019 Folk Art Florals Calendar (coming November 5th!), and donating to some good causes. Most importantly, I will be VOTING! Who's with me?

This month's calendar was created in my ProCreate App for the iPad Pro - I have been loving this workflow so much! I typically use the Dry Ink brush under Inking for my linework. 

November 2018 Illustrated Desktop Download

* To get the wallpaper, click on the image above! Then, save it and set it as your desktop background. Yay!

If you like these, please tell your friends about it, and tag me on Instagram with a pic of your desktop in your feed or stories, and I'll be sharing them on my Stories :) Also be sure to check out my Stories (or the Wallpaper Story Highlights in my profile) for mobile wallpapers!

Have a great November!
Warmly, Erin


Free November 2018 Illustrated Desktop Wallpaper by Paper Raven Co. //




Lissa said:

Love this month’s, Erin!!

Erin McManness

Erin McManness said:

Hey April! Thanks so much for reaching out! If you’ve put in your email and hit “send”, it should be delivered straight to your email inbox :)


April said:

I absolutely love this wallpaper! I’m trying to download it but keep getting prompted for my e-mail address, which I’ve given, but still not able to download the wallpaper. Help!

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